The Zurkonian Armada's home, the planet before you, is named Keplar. Located outside of all known galaxies, it is a roaming system.
The station you see above is in fact, the Zurkonians home moon. After they started reaching peak population levels, they quite literally refined and cut off most of their moon, which did cause significant changes on the planet below. The moon was detroyed, but the Zurks that survived left, and made a home on another planet, one that was located in a roaming solar system.
The name of this new found planet is Keplar.

The game it is for:
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The Zurkonians evolved on a moon, and grewz as a parasitic species.  A little over 3 inches long, a typical Zurkonian takes up its first host around the age of 3 years, before which they are taught and fed in a pool. This pool has all nutrients, metals, and vitamins a Zurkonian needs, provides a growth place for over 90,000 Zurkonians at once.
The Zurkonian Armada is a democracy, as it is forced to be by evolution. All Zurkonians have a psychic link to all other Zurks, and can only begin to think freely at the age of 3, upon getting their first host. The psychic link allows for instantaneous communication, even across galaxies and beyond.
The Zurkonian Armada is a peace-keeping species, focusing solely on scientific achievement. In recent years, they saw over the weaponization of Dark-Matter, and even used Dark-Energy as a fuel source for everything, including, but not limited to, homes, weapons, FTL drives, you name it.

Current Planetary holdings:

Allies include:
The Dimensional Collective, who are our very much loved friends.
Omega Incorporated, who gave us purpose and a friend at the very beginning of our benture inot the stars.

We currently have power over ten planets,(all heavily defendable) across 4 solar systems. Most of our militarial might is located in orbit around Keplar however.

How our economy works:

We use a currency known as Nano-Bits, which are made of a composite alloy using materials native to our home moon. (We sell this alloy... it is immensely powerful and sturdy, its where We get our money from)
We have an inter-planetary bank, whose current budget lies at 98trillion Nano-Bits.
Our military budget is around 67billion Nano-bits.

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